A house without a cat is just a house - not a home  (unknown)

Welcome to NO*Havstrilens Cattery. We are a home based cattery, breeding Norwegian Forest Cats, established in 2011.

We are situated in Øygarden at the western coast of Norway. Our home is about an hour drive west/north of Bergen, with the grand ocean as our nearest neighbor. More information about us here. We are member of FIFe through NRR and Vestlandets katteklubb.

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X-litter is 6 weeks old (born June 22nd 2021) 


SC DK*Naturell's Sofie GasArma and the lovely SE*Prana's Be Cool became proud parents to 2 girls.  Six weeks old - soon the child-cage will not be enough for them. 

While Xanadu has gotten the taste for cat-food, Xandria still thinks that mum's milk is the best. 

Both girls are on hold.   

Check their site for more information and pictures. 

x-girls 6 weeks_2.jpg

Y-litter is born - August 2nd 2021


NO*Havstrilens Phoenix and (N) Stiv Kuling's Scallywag have become proud parents to 4 kittens - 1 boy and 3 girls.  All white!   

Check their site for more information and pictures. 


For more news - press here.

Future shows

We plan to attend the following shows in the near future. Please feel free to come see us by our cages :o)  

Aug. 15:         Jærkatten, Sandnes

Sept. 11-12:  Sunnmørskatten, Ålesund

Oct.  09:        Skogkattmesterskapet, Hønefoss

Oct. 23-24:    WWS, Italy

Nov.                Hansakatten, Bergen

Dec. 11-12:    BW Amsterdam/Netherlands


Gallery - latest update: July-21

We love to take pictures of our cats. Although most of the pictures end up in our facebook-account, some of them also find their way in to the HP. If you're interested, please take a look at the gallery. Here you also will find an own gallery for offspring from NO*Havstrilens.


Want to start breeding? 

Do you ever think about how nice it would be to have a litter or two? Becoming a breeder is a lot of hard work, educating and learning. Yes - it is very nice with kittens, but it is also so much more. As part of my G2 course - I made a small flyer/brochure that gives the head topics of what breeders must consider. Please feel free to take a look. If you want to share it with someone - your are welcome to do so, but please remember who made it ;) 

Press the picture to get the whole pdf-file.