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SC (N) Satyr's Horton



Sex:              Male

Born:           10.02.2012

EMS-Code:  NFO as [NFO a]

Sire:             CH (N) Skaujenta's   


Dam:           (N) Satyr's Maritza

Offspring:  A-litterB-litter, L-litter


The cat is the only being who manifested  hum of life, it spins, it purrs (Agnar Mykle) 


Neutered male

Wonderful Horton, or Ozzy as he's called by us, is my true love. He is a great blue boy, with wonderful personality and a lovely temperament. He is incredibly social, and behaves in many ways like a dog. Ozzy is also quite a showing-guy - he loved to be to shows where he could get as much attention as possible. Before he was neutered, he gave us 8 wonderful children, and Three of them became part of Our cattery.


GSDIV:  N/N - Free lines.

PK-def: Normal







Ozzy 3,5 years old
ozzy (1).jpg


31/3-18: With sadness, we have decided to let Ozzy have a new home. After being neutered,  he became even more social and demanding of attention, and we did not feel that we could give him enough. Therefore we let him move into a wonderful family of 4, where he gets all the attention and love. Ozzy will forever be my great love! 

21/11-17: Ozzy is neutered. He will now live a wonderful cat-life as retired stud :)

7/10-17: Ozzy becomes father to Our L-litter.

14/2-15: Ozzy gets his 11th CACS, and is now a Supreme Champion! I'm so proud of this wonderful boy, and thankful for all the great moments I've had at shows because of him. Now he will have a break from shows for some months. He deserve it!

24/5-14: Ozzy is now Grand International Champion, as he got his eight CAGCIB at Spinneriet in Sweden!

26/10-13: At the World Winner Show in Aalborg, Denmark, Ozzy gets his third CACIB, and is now an International Champion! I'm so proud of my beautiful boy!

16/6-13: Ozzy gaines the titel Chamion at the Hansakatten's show in Bergen! This time as NFO a (blue). I'm very happy!

25/5-13: A dissapointing show day in Sweden! All judges are agree that Ozzy has not any silver, and therefore should be shown in group 1 instead of group 7 wich he has been showed in so far. This means that he looses all gained sertificates, and also his Champion title. We now have to start all over again, in group 1.

22/4-13: Ozzy's second litter is born!

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