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In memory

When the cat died, he began to doubt the existence of God. (Nils-Fredrik Nielsen).

Tyrrell von den Beisinger Waldkatten DE

Tyrrell was my first imported breeding cat, and she moved in with us in April 2014. She was the sweetest cat, purring and loving all people around her. She gave birth to 2 litters, D and F before she was neutered. Afte being neutered, she did not fit in with the other cats of ours, and she moved to my cousin and lived with her familiy and NO*Havstrilens Cat Stevens. There she becom a beloved familymember, and best friend with the other cat. Unfortunately she was hit by a car, and died momentary. 

Tyrrell had her own. Press the picture to se this. 

RIP sweet, sweet Tyrrell!

IC (N) Stiv Kuling's Indemine

Indemine was our upcoming breeding girl, a lovely silver turtle from Stiv Kuling's. She was  a very active and determined girl. Quite a prima donna!

She was hosted by my friend Trine and her family where she had a very good life.

Indemine had mated and was expecting kittens when she one day i April 2014 just disappeared. There were noe trace of her, and all our search gave no results. Then, in the end of July 2014, we got the message from the vet that he had been called to euthanize a cat that was run over by a car. The cat was Indemine. How and why she suddenly turned up just a 100 meters from her home we don't know. Where she had been the last 3 months, and what happened with her kittens will probably forever remain a mystery to us.

We will always rememeber this sweet girl!

We will miss her, but we keep her in our hearts.

RIP sweet, sweet Indemine!

(N) Satyr's Julis.

Julis came into our lives and hearts in March 2009. He loved being outdoors, whatever weather. Julis was a good hunter as well, and came home with both birds and mice - preferably alive, so we  got a few rounds of mouse hunting. Julis was not afraid of anything, unfortunately this also applied to cars. A cold November morning in 2010 was his last. Thanks to Eva Walter for letting us get to know Julis.

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