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Mid of August

IC DK*Chrisycats Queen & NO*Havstrilens Mick Jagger

This is the second time for this combination, that I hope will bring an amber-girl for me to keep, to continue my work with amber. From the last litter we got 2 amber-kittens, one girl and one boy. Both live now abroad. The combination has given big kittens, with very good profiles and really good coat texture. And the sweetest temper ever! 

Colors will be black (blue) with or without white and pattern, amber (light amber)/ with or without white and pattern. All with silver. 




End of August

SC (N) Tingoskatten's Nala & NO*Loza's Bilbao

My dream combination! This combination I believe will give really big and long children with excellent boning, all very typical NFO with large ears, good chins and perfect profile.

Colors will be black (blue)/brown, tortie girls, red boys, without pattern.




Beginning of September

NO*Havstrilens Phoenix  & NO*Loza's Bilbao

Another of my dream-combinations! I believe this combination will give very good NFO heads, long tails, long bodies. Boning could be very good as well. 

Colors will be black/brown/With or without white and pattern. Silver might occur. 




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Feel also free to contact our partner; (N) Stiv Kuling's cattery! 

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