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Feel welcome to make inquiries of our planned litters! We also may have plans that are not published yet

Spring 2020

SC (N) Tingoskatten's Nala & NO*Loza's Bilbao

My dream combination! This combination I believe will give really big and long children with excellent boning, all very typical NFO with large ears, good chins and perfect profile.

Colors will be black/brown/With or without pattern.




Spring 2020

IC NO*Havstrilens Infinity & IC Navarre de Läiloken*F

A combination I'm very excited about - that I believe will give large cats, with typical NFO look, and with excellent boning.

Colors will be black/brown/With white and pattern.




Summer 2020

IC (N) Migoto's Zelda, JW  & NO*Loza's Bilbao

A combination I believe will give very typical NFOs with excellent profiles, chin and boning.

Colors will be black/brown/With or without white and pattern.




Summer/fall 2020

NO*Havstrilens Phoenix  & NO*Loza's Bilbao

Another of my dream-combinations! I believe this combination will give very good NFO heads, long tails, long bodies. Boning could be very good as well. 

Colors will be black/brown/With or without white and pattern. Silver might occur. 




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