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Who we are

By what right has the dog come to be regarded as a "noble" animal? The more brutal and cruel and unjust you are to him the more your fawning and adoring slave he becomes; whereas, if you shamefully misuse a cat once she will always maintain a dignified reserve toward you afterward--you will never get her full confidence again.  (Mark Twain)

Hilde is my name, and I have a small, home based cattery, breeding Norwegian Forest Cats, and got my breeding name in June 2011.


All our kittens are born and raised in our home, surrounded by people and other cats. This makes the kittens from us very secure and social, wich is one of our main goals. We aim to be a small cattery and have no plans for many litters. For us the cats are primary family members, secondly for show and breeding. We will focus on breeding racetypical cats, rather than many kittens. Some of our cats lives with us, and some of them are living with host-families. 


I live with my husband Ove, and our beloved cats in Øygarden at the western coast of Norway. Our home is about an hour drive west/north of Bergen, with the grand ocean as our nearest neighbour, and have the boat and kajakk in the garden. We have a big garden with lots of threes, and our cats have their own room and a large catrun.  


My breeding name is the same as the designation (=stril) for a person belonging to the farmer and fisher population in the area surrounding Bergen, especially on the islands. (Ocean=Hav). And living at one of the islands, "Havstrilens" became a naturally choice for breeding name.

Please see the site "gallery" for more pictures :o)

We also run a cat-hotel; Havstrilens Kattehotell AS. For more information about the hotel, please visit it's website:










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