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(N) Alneskatten's Folke


Sex :             Male

Born:            09.07.2010

EMS:             NFO n 09 24

Sire:              SC Rudi av Ledsaak (N)

Dame:          (N) Myrtekransen's


Offspring :  None - neutered.


If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend but never your slave.  (Théophile Gautier)



Folke, or Louie as we call him, is our extremely foodies cat. At the age of two years he weighed almost 8 kilos.He came to us a cold Sunday in November 2010, and has since that been our sweethart. Unfortunately we had to neuter him, this is why he does not hav any offspring. But he will stay with us, and be our  great lump. Thanks to Monica Alnes  for this lovely boy!







03/03-12 Louie win his third CAP, and achive the titel of Premier! Inaddition, he wasnominated to the panel,where he go one vote!04/03/12, he was againnominated for the panel, and got his first CAPIB! I am so proud of the wonderful boy!

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