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Sex:             Female

Born:          12.02.2011

Died:           10.11.2023

EMS:            NFO f 09

Sire:             S*SillyZone's Mio


Dame:         IC S*Svartträsket's


Offspring:  Mother of A and B



Dogs come when they're called; cats take a message and get back to you later (Mary Bly)



iKit, or Kitty as she is called, is truly a turtle! She does as she like, and  when she likes. 

She was the boss from the very moment she moved in with us in May 2011, but when neutered she lost her leadership, and became an outsider. As she did not have a happy life with us anymore, we decided to try to find her a new home. And late September 2016 she moved to a wonderful woman, where she will be spoiled as the only cat in the house. We loved her so much that we had to let her go. All the best for you, Kitty.


Both Kitty's parents are tested free of GSD IV.






10/11-23: Kitty got a bad infection in her body, and died quietly in the arms of her mum, Elisabeth. We are grateful for the life she had these last 7 years, and for being the one that started our cattery. 

27/9-16: Kitty moves to her new for-ever home.

22/4-13: Kitty gives birth to 5 beautiful babies. 3 boys and 2 girls.

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