NO*Havstrilens Gwen Stefani


Sex:            Female

Born:          14.3.2016

EMS:           NFO f 03 22

Sire:           ES*Tree House Prince of Purrsia

Dame:       CH DK*Naturell's Sofie GasArm

Offspring: L-litter, N-litter

Breeder:   My own


"A meow massages the heart" (Stuart McMillan)

Previous breeding female

Gwen Stefani was the only kitten in my G-litter, and just had to stay in my cattery cause her beautiful look and temper. She is so adorable, a real diva, almost as she know she's a princess. Gwen S was co-owned with my dear Amalie, and was suppose to only live with us until Amalie had room for her. But, as time went by - we realized that Gwen would be better of living with one of them who love her the most; my dear friend Anne Hoffsbakken. So in November 2019, Gwen moved into Anne and Arild's home, to be even more spoiled than she already was. Luckily I'll get to see her in some shows. Best of luck dear Gwen - We love you so much that we had to let you go. 


GSDIV: N/N - free

PK-def: N/N - free

HCM:   Not tested yet






7/10-17: Gwen Stefani gives birth to Three wonderful kittens; Our L-litter.

25/9-16: Second show-weekend for Gwen Stefani. She has developed into av really beautiful girl, and this was noted by the judges. Saturday she got Ex1 and BIV-total, Sunday she got Ex1 and was nominated for the panel, where she got 50% of the votes, but lost by revoting. So proud of my little girl!

28/8-16:  Gwen attend her very first show! The competition at this show was really hard, and Gwen got Ex3 Saturday and Ex2 Sunday. But, she got outstanding judgements, and she behaved as the princess she is. Gwen will attend many more shows in the future!

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