NO*Havstrilens Laleh


Sex:            Female

Born:         07.10.2017

EMS:           NFO g 01 64

Sire:           SC (N) Satyr's Horton aka Ozzy

Dame:       NO*Havstrilens Gwen Stefani

Offspring: None

Breeder:   My own


"A meow massages the heart" (Stuart McMillan)

Neutered female

Laleh is a really lovely tortie - daughter of one of Our first males - Horton aka Ozzy. She lived as a host-cat with dear friend Mona and her Family, and together with NO*Havstrilens Chuck Berry.  Unfortunately, we had to neuter her before she had any litters (see "news-box below"). She now live a happy life with Mona and her family. 


GSDIV: N/N - free lines

PK-def: N/N - free lines

HCM:   Not tested yet





Laleh 13w_1

Laleh 13w_1

Laleh 13w_2

Laleh 13w_2

Laleh 13w_3

Laleh 13w_3

Laleh 4 weeks_2

Laleh 4 weeks_2






11/3-19: Laleh is neutered. She has suffered from some stomach issues at a long time - without us finding

                out why. We therefore decided that she will not have any litters. as we do not know if there are

                something she will pass on to any kittens. We are very sorry for this - but in the end - it's all about

                the cat's wellfare. 

1/7-18:  Laleh becomes BIS 7-10 months at the Terak show. 

3/6-18:  Laleh becomes BIS 7-10 months for the second day in a row at Hålka's show! With all votes!!! 

12/1-18: Laleh moves to her New home at Mona's.

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