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IP/IC NO*Havstrilens
Billie Holiday


Sex:            Female

Born:          22.04.2013

EMS:           NFO n 09

Sire:           SC (N) Satyr's Horton

Dame:       (N) Alneskatten's iKit

Offspring: Mother of C-litter


"The smallest feline is a masterpiece" 

(Leonardo da Vinci).


Neuter - preiously breeding female

Billie Holiday is from my second litter. From the very first she stroke me with her perfect triangle, and when she opened her eyes after 6 days, she looked at me with strong, green eyes. 

Billie Holiday has attended some shows, and she gets outstanding judgement from all the judges. They all call her "the classic kind of NFO".

Billie got one litter before she had to be neutered.

Unfortunately, Billie did not go so well with our other cats after she was neutered. So in August 2018 she moved to one of my best friends, Anita and her familiy, where she lives as the only pet. She is now a happy cat! 


GSDIV: N/N - free lines






1/9/18: Billie moves to Anita and her family. 

16/2/18: Billie became International Premier at VKK's show in Bergen. She also was NOM for BIS panel. 

19/2-17 Billie became Premier at Berak's show in Bergen With outstaanding judgments.

20/6-16 Billie becomes a neuter. Allthough I had hoped for at least one more litter for her, she will be more happy with her neuter life.

21/2-16 Billie Holiday gets her 7th CAGCIB at Berak's show. She now has to go abroad for her Grand Internatioanl tile.

25/11-14: Billie Holiday gives birth to 6 kittens; 3 females and 3 males. This is our C-litter.

7/6-14: Billie Holiday got her third CACIB at VKK's show in Voss. Now she is an International Champion! Our plan now for Billie is that she will have a litter.

18/4-14: Billie Holiday became Champion at Rorak's show in Haugesund. This in strong competition! I'm so proud of my sweet girl!





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