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SC NO*Havstrilens Chuck Berry



Sex:              Male

Born:           25.11. 2014

EMS:            NFO w 63

Sire:             CH (N) Stiv Kuling's

                     Fatman Fnugg

Dame:         IC NO*Havstrilens

                     Billie Holiday

Offspring:  K-litter, P-litter

Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a function. (Garrison Keillor)


Breeding male

This handsome odd-eyed boy from my C-litter just had to stay in my cattery, as future breeding male. He has been hosted by my dear friend Mona and her family all the time wihile being part of our cattery. As from September 2020, he is a neutered pet, and will only live as that. 


GSD IV: N/N - free lines

PK-def: Tested normal

HCM:   Normal






2,5 years old
8 months old
8 months old
4.5 mnd (2).jpg
Chuck Berry 12w_2.JPG
Chuck Berry 11w_1.JPG
Chuck Berry 11w_2.JPG


31/08-20: Chuck Berry is neutered, and will live as a beloved pet with his owners, previous host-home.

13/05-19: Chuck Berry is screened Normal for HCM.

08/05-19: Chuck Berry becomes father for the second time - to Our P-litter.

11/11-17: Chuck Berry becomes Supreme Champion at Hansakatten's show. He also became BIV-total and NOM

16/9-17: Chuck Berry becomes father for the first time - to Our K-litter.

29/10-16: Chuck Berry got his 8th CAGCIB at the World Winner Show in Vienna/Austria, and is now a Grand International Champion!

20/2-16: Chuck Berry get his 3rd CACIB, and is now an International Champion :)

17/10-15: Chuck Berry get his 3rd CAC, and is now a Champion!

30/8-15: At his first show as a youngster (7-10 months), Messi got NOM and BIV total wit excellent judgement.

3/5-15: Messi has attended his very first show, and his first long travelling by car, and staying at hotel. It all went just fine! He got 2xEx1, no BIV in this group at this show. Lost NOM to a beautiful RAG (saturday) and a lovely NFO (Sunday).

21/2-15: Chuck Berry, or Messi as he is called by his host family, left today for his new home! Luckily w get to see him often, and he will also come visit us during holdays, in addition to be joining us at shows.

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