Tyrrell von den Beisinger Waldtrollen DE



Sex:            Female

Born:         13.12.2013

EMS:          NFO a 22

Sire:           Silas Sauseschritt von den                

                   Beisinger Waldtrollen DE

Dame:       Europa's Hyben Juba DK

Breeder:   Sandra Baumann

Offspring: D-litter, F-litter


One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home. 

(Pam Brown)



This little girl I fell in love with from her first day! She appeals to me in so many ways, and now that I've got to know her, she's really one of my sweetharts. Unfortunately she did not  developed as I had hoped, and therefore she has attended only a few shows. She have had two litters, but had some problems both times. As we do not want to put her to extra risk, she was neutered after her second litter and moved to my cousin.  


GSDIV:  N/N - free lines. 

PK-def: N/N - tested normal

HCM:    Not tested.






14/11-15: Tyrrell gives birth to 2 beautiful kittens (Our F-litter). Both kittens are healthy and well, and growing to fast :)


29/1-15: Tyrrell gives birth to 2 kittens by c-section. (Our D-litter). This is caused by a pyometra. Unfortunately the kittens don't make it. Luckily Tyrrell will recover 100% - and she will be given the opportunity to further litters later.


18/4-14: At her very first show, Tyrrell got Ex1, and also became the favourite of the visitors!  

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