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SC (N) Fodnaheia's Kazaar



Sex:              Male

Born:           16.11. 2014

EMS:            NFO a 09 24

Sire:             SC S* Restless Geonosis,

                     JW, DVM  

Dame:         IC (N) Fodnaheia`s Chianti

Offspring:  F-litter, H-litter, I-litter,

                     N-litter, O-litter, Q-litter

                     Stiv Kuling's N-litter

                     Fodnaheia's 54-litter

Breeder:    Linda Reiersen


Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet (Colette)


Former breeding male - neutered

I'm so happy and proud to be the one to be slave for this beautiful boy!  He is just stunning, both in appearance and in temper! And he has given us so many beautiful offspring!  Thank you so much to Linda Reiersen at Fodnaheias for trusting me with this treasure!


GSDIV:  N/N - free lines

PK-def: N/N - tested normal

HCM:    Normal






Summer 2017
Spring 2017
Spring 2017
IMG_2762 (2).JPG
Kazaar 19.6
Kazaar 11w_1.jpg
Kazaar 11w.jpg
kazaar 4ww.jpg
kazaar 2w.jpg


31/3-20:    Kazaar is neutered - and will now live a quiet life with us. We are so grateful for all the kittens

                   (30) he has given - and look forward to follow the next generations.  

3/6-190:     Kazaar became father again when Nikci gave birth to 1 boy and 4 girls.  

15/2-19:    Kazaar No.3 breeding male 2018 in NRR! And best breeding male in our club 2018. 

12/6-18:    Kazaar became father again when Nala gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls.  

10/6-18:    Kazaar became father again when Gwen stefani gave birth to 3 girls.  

18/3-18:    Kazaar No.1 breeding male 2017 in NRR! 

3/6-17:      Kazaar becomes Supreme Champion at VKK's show in Voss.

24/12-16:  Kazaar becomes father again! Nikci gives birth to 5 beautiful kittens - Our I-litter.

29/9-16:    Kazaar is father for the 3rd time, as Sofie gives birth to two beautiful boys! This is

                   NO*Havstrilens H-litter.

25/9-16:    Kazaar get BIS adult male at Rorak's show. For the first time he beats his dad :)

19/6-16:    Kazaar got his 8th CAGCIB at Smaalenene's show, and is now a Grand International


22/5-16:    What a weekend at VKK's show!!! Kazaar got 2x CAGCIB, 2xNOM, 1xBIV, and 2xBIS!!!

9/1-16:      Kazaar become International Champion at Jyrak's show in Denmark.

20/12-15:  Kazaar becomes father for the second time, as (N) Stiv Kuling's N-litter is born. One girl and

                   two boys.

14/11-15:  Two days away from his 1-year old day, Kazaar becomes a father to one girl and one boy.

                   This is NO*Havstrilens F-litter.

17/10-15:  Kazaar gaines his 3rd CAC, and is now a Champion :)

30/8-15:    Kazaar BIS 7-10 months both Saturday and Sunday at the Sørak show in Kristiansand! I'm so

                   proud of my sweethart boy!

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