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First half 2024

By the middle of June - we have been busy at shows this first half year of 2024. All in all we have attended a total of 6 show weekends and a total of 10 shows. We have had several highlights - with a lot of very good results for our cats. Daiquiri was nominated at the Scandinavian Winner Show in Sweden, she also became best in show twice at Jærkatten. Ziggy Stardust, JW became best in show twice at Jærkatten as well, and he also gained certificate at the SWS. 

Yasmin became best in show at VKK in March, and she have also got several BIV this spring, one of them at the Baltic Winner Show in Estonia. At this show Zelda was noninated for the panel. 

This spring has also given our attery a new stud; DK*Sakeena's Goldstar. He will play an important role in my plans for breeding amber-cats. At his very first show, he became Best in Show both days, and he was also nominated for the panel at the Baltic Winner Show. What a cat! He is co-owned with NO*Sognepusen cattery and is living there. 

During june/first of July, we will finally also have kittens again. Both Unique Repeat and Captain Marvel are expecting. 


Fantastic start of 2024! 

First show for us in 2024 was in Drammen/Norway. And what a show it became! Our little princess, NO*Havstrilens Daiquiri became Best in Show kittens both days! Further we had several nominations for the best in show panel, and also a few Best in Vararity. We were also best breeding one day! Waht a start of the year! (pictures of Daiquiri)

Junior Winner!

My homebred wonderful white prince, NO*Havstrilens Ziggy Stardust became Junior Winner 2nd of April, after getting his 5th Best in Show at Trønderkattens show. 

He is the very first cat from my breeding that achive this title. Before turning 10 months he gained 7 BIS and 5 BIV-total. I am just so proud slave of this handsom and lovely boy. 

Ziggy is my fifth generation, from my very first cats: ​Billie Holiday - Chuck Berry - Phoenix - Unique Repeat - Ziggy

For more news - press here.

Want to start breeding? 

Do you ever think about how nice it would be to have a litter or two? Becoming a breeder is a lot of hard work, educating and learning. Yes - it is very nice with kittens, but it is also so much more. As part of my G2 course - I made a small flyer/brochure that gives the head topics of what breeders must consider. Please feel free to take a look. If you want to share it with someone - your are welcome to do so, but please remember who made it ;) 

Press the picture to get the whole pdf-file. 

Future shows 2024

We plan to attend the following shows in the near future. Please feel free to come see us by our cages :o)  

June: 15.-16.     Agderkatten, Arendal/Norway

July:   06.-07.    Trønderkatten, Trondheim/Norway

July:  27.-28.     Webkatten, Lillehammer/Norway

Sept. 14.-15.    Sunnmørskatten, Ålesund/Norway


Gallery - latest update: August-23

We love to take pictures of our cats. Although most of the pictures end up in our facebook-account, some of them also find their way in to the HP. If you're interested, please take a look at the gallery. Here you also will find an own gallery for offspring from NO*Havstrilens.


Our regular veterinarian:
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