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Norwegian Championship 2023

We attended the Norwegian Championship 2023 on Sunday April 16th in Orre. More than 50 cats were attending. Our results from this championship were:

NO*Havstrilens Ziggy Stardust, JW - Ex1, BIV, NOM, BIS male 7-10 months - BEST IN SHOW 7-10 months total

NO*Havstrilens Alba Amarone - EX1, BIV, NOM 7-10 months, NOM best profile

NO*Havstrilens Unique Repeat - Ex2 adult females

(N) Sandøy Lovn - Ex 1 adult males, NOM Best look a like

(N) Stiv Kuling's Queenie - Ex 2 neutered females

DK*Sakeena's Captain Marvel - Ex 2 adult females


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