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Fantastic show-weekend at Webkatten

Last weekend in July, we attended Webkatten's show in Lillehammer/Norway. We brought 4 cats with us, and they all did very well both days. We couldn't be happier - especially with little Champagne's show debut. She became 2x NOM for BIS, and 1x BIV j/k. And really enjoyed being at show. Also our three other cat did well, so proud of them all. Ziggy Stardust got 2x CACIB, and 2x NOM for BIS, votes Saturday. Zelda got 2x CACS, 2x BIV adult, 2x NOM for BIS, and 1x Best in Show. Alba Amarone got 1x CAC and finished her Champion title, and 1x CACIB. She was beaten by her mum to BIV. More pictures from the show in the Gallery.


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