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NO*Havstrilens Fergie


CH (N) Stiv Kuling's Pacino

Born February 1st 2018





Four kittens were born, one boy and three girls.  As they are from my M-litter, they have got names from artists we like, starting with M.

This litter was raised by Fergie's hostfamily. 

Gender:               Female

EMS-code:           NFO a 03

Weight at birth:  126 gm

Status:                  Stays with us               



NO*Havstrilens Melody Gardot

Gender:               Female

EMS-code:           NFO at 09

Weight at birth:  116 gm

Status:                 Sold

NO*Havstrilens Mia

Gender:               Female

EMS-code:           NFO ns 03

Weight at birth:  102 gm

Status:                  Sold

NO*Havstrilens Mick Jagger

Gender:               Male

EMS-code:           NFO nt(s) 09

Weight at birth:  126 gm

Status:                 Stays in NO*Havstrilens cattery              

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