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What a show-weekend at Hansakatten's

This weekend we attended Hansakatten's show in Bergen - and what a weekend it has been! (N) Migoto's Zelda, JW, got her 4. and 5. Best in Show - and is now a junior winner! Such a great feeling - I had to share some tears...

SC (N) Fodnaheia's Kazaar became best breeding male cat. 2 both days - he was only participating as breeding male. GIC DK*Naturell's Sofie GasArm got her CACS both days, and Sunday she also became BIV and NOM - she even got a vote! Laleh and Macy got their Ex1 and certificates - and our little mascot; NO*Havstrilens Oasis - he got Ex1 both days, and Sunday he also became BIV, and almost NOM...

There were also three of our offspring at the show; Edwin Starr (2xCACIB), Hozier (2xCACI

B) and Highasakite (2xCAP and BIV). But most of all - the weekend was about Zelda - I'm so proud of my little girl!

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