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Norwegian Forest Cat Championship

We attended the Norwegian Forest Cat championship, hosted by Norsk Skogkattring, 9th of October in Hønefoss/Norway. 56 cats were present - and from us came Unique Repeat and Queenie. Although this championship is "just for fun" - it also has a touch of importance. Unique Repeat becacme no 1 of 3 females in group 9 - a really strong female group. She then became BIV adult in group 9 - competing with a really lovely white male. She also got nomintaed for "Best ears" and "Best coat quality". So proud of my white princess! Queenie was nominated for best female neuter (none votes in panel), and she also became the winner of the class "funniest color". NO*Havstrilens Willie Nelson was also present - showed by his owner. He became BIS male junior 7-10 months!

It was a really nice day, with so many lovely and high quality NFOs :)


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